Wiring Stock Gifts

Most people have their stock broker send their stock gift electronically.

Receiving Firm Instructions for the U.S. Bank of Minnesota:

ABA/Routing No:91000022
Depository Trust Company No:DTC #2803
Beneficiary (BNF):IT&C St Paul Custody Receipts
Account No:173103198383
FFC A/C Name:College of New Jersey Foundation
TCNJ Account:5000960-002
TCNJ Foundation EIN:22-2448189

If you have any questions or concerns, call 609.771.2323 or the development staff member that contacts you regularly.

What about making a gift from my IRA?

Donors who are 70 ½ years old may make a direct donation from their IRA which counted towards their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).   Various firms have deadlines to accomplish this, talk directly with your IRA institution.  The check MUST be made payable to TCNJ Foundation and sent directly to our offices.  If you receive the check, it will become a taxable event for you.  TCNJ Foundation EIN is 22-2448189 if your financial institution requires this number.  You will receive a letter recognizing your gift (but you receive no tax deduction).