Why give?

Being a part of the TCNJ community has shaped the person you are today. Giving back keeps TCNJ affordable, accessible, and exceptional for students ready to tap their enormous potential. Support from Lions like you help make it all possible. The true impact of philanthropy is reflected in the lives it changes.

Makes me a better nurse

“Teaching Smart Nutrition and Conditioning for Kids helps set up a better foundation for children in Trenton to grow up to be healthy adults. The experience has been essential to my education, allowing me to go out into the community and do work I usually wouldn’t do.”

Edric Vites ’17, Nursing

Headshot of Edric Vites

Boon for chemistry

“With the new chemistry lab, we’ll be looked at as one of the top 10 undergraduate institutions in the nation for chemistry. It will last a lifetime and keep giving back to each generation.”

Abby O’Connor, Chemistry Professor

Headshot of Abby OConner

Gateway to everything good

“My parents, South American immigrants, didn’t have the money to send me to college. I feel like the Cooperman Scholarship is the gateway to everything good that is happening.”

Sherida Hinkson ’20, Accounting

Headshot of Sherida Hinkson